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New adventure on screen! Just released: BOTH

It has been a new challenge for us, as for so many artists around the world, to adapt to the COVID crisis: we were supposed to perform at the opening ceremony of the ELIA (European League of Institutes of Arts) Biennal Conference this year, but due to the coronavirus restrictions, the conference decided to turn 100% digital. We were happy to take this challenge as we have had an idea of creating a movie for a little while, and were a little hesitant with it so far. We decided to take the chance! This is how we came up with the idea of "BOTH - Le Dialogue de l'Ombre Double", in between the short movie and the clip, reuniting dance, contemporary music, painting, theater.

The film is based on the work by Pierre Boulez and Paul Claudel "Le Dialogue de l'Ombre Double", in its version for saxophone and electronics. We truly believe that nowadays, more than ever, it is our duty as artists to find new ways of presenting ourselves to the audience and reaching them without compromising the quality of our work. The video format was completely new for us and we are super excited about this new adventure, beginning this week with the release at the ELIA Biennal!! It was an immense pleasure to work with a dream team for this new project - the biggest team we had so far!

Here is a taste of it, and you can find more infos on the page:

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