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A complete artistic experience

GLITCH is an original transdisciplinary project for two saxophonists with live electronics, two dancers and one painter. It is the first part of the trilogy "Waiting for Amon" and was premiered in June 2016 in Zürich. It is a living and complete artistic experience in which two dancers, Naomi Kamihigashi and Luca Tomasoni, two saxophonists, Valentine Michaud and Amit Dubester, accompanied by live electronic effects from Alexis Rebeté and a plastic artist, Emmanuel Michaud, respond to and blend with each other’s work on stage during a mystical journey lasting fifty minutes.

Mystical poetry and Science Fiction

GLITCH presents a modern version of the Genesis myth told through the medium of an epic poem written by Emmanuel Michaud. A fantastical reflection on mankind’s place within a universe that he does not understand, from unity to duality, from birth to death, in space and time, the six stanzas that comprise this universal odyssey are set to music, dance and graphics. These graphics evolve from the ground up throughout the duration of the performance, starting from a central point and gradually saturating the performance space. A vision which blends mythology and science fiction, in which mistakes are no longer an obstacle to but an essential condition of perfection.

Improvisation and fusion

An extremely physical performance, this moving fresco uses dance, graphics and works by Poulenc, Stockhausen or Mellits to transport the spectator, at times dissolving into improvisation, at times sharp and incisive, but always intelligently underscored and accompanied by live electronic effects that transform the sound. Set to the sound of soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophones, the different art forms merge and clash, feeding off each other and transcending the framework of the basic theme. Improvisation plays a primary role in both the music and the dance – the performers respond to each other, always leaving room for an element of surprise. The five artists in the show perform a spectacular ballet of painting, dancing and music.


A mechanical deity breaks the infinite.

At the beginning was the Number. A gathered Universe balanced by a single equation - Infinite design - Infinite equilibrium.
This world of pure information, straightening, adjusting itself is about to glitch and fail. Is about to glitch and fail !

Break the infinite - A mechanical Deity breaks the Infinite for Perfection is nothing without mistake.

—  Emmanuel Michaud, Glitch

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