Who are we?

SIBJA gathers the collaborations of Emmanuel and Valentine Michaud. Artists active in the fields of music, visual arts and performance, the siblings unite different art forms, from dance to installation, to create a unique artistic language. They started their collaboration in 2016 with the creation of "Glitch", which developed to become the trilogy of performances Waiting for Amon. Since then, their art has been awarded and welcomed by both audience and critics, and their activities are currently enlarging to new areas such as clothing. 

Valentine Michaud

Born on the 22nd of November 1993, Valentine starts playing the saxophone at the age of 8. Winner of several prestigious competitions such as the Jurjans Andreejs International Woodwind Competition in Riga (1st Prize 2016), the Prix Crédit Suisse Jeunes Solistes (2017), the Prix du Pour Cent Culturel Migros (2016 and 2017), she graduated from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Master Soloist Specialized Performance) in march 2018, under the guidance of Prof . Lars Mlekusch. Since 2015, she has been supported by prestigious Swiss grants such as the Leenaards foundation cultural grant, the Paleo-HES-SO Prize or the Migros Kultur Prozent.

Valentine Michaud performs as a soloist or as a chamber player on prestigious stages of the world such as Lucerne Festival, St Petersburg Cappella, KKL Lucerne, Tonhalle Zürich, Riga Great Guild Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus, Philharmonie Hall of Odessa, etc. She is invited to perform as a soloist with various national orchestras. Her duo Akmi with the pianist Akvilé Sileikaité was awarded with the 1st prize of the renowned Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition in 2016 and the 2nd prize of the Salieri Zinetti International Chamber Music Competition in 2018. 

Willing to renew the repertoire of her instrument, Valentine collaborates with composers of her generation and premiere their works in new music festivals.  Member of the Ever Present Orchestra, she currently works with the american composer Alvin Lucier and tour around the world performing his pieces.

A passionate believer in the richness of collaborations between different artistic forms, Valentine is one of the founding members of WAITING FOR AMON, a trilogy of transdisciplinary performances. The trilogy has aroused interest and enthusiasm of both audience and critics and was awarded with the Prize of the Nico Kaufmann Foundation (Zürich) in 2018.

Emmanuel Michaud

Emmanuel Michaud was born in 1997 in France. After a Baccalauréat STD2A (Applied Arts), followed by a preparatory class at the Graphic Arts EPSAA (Ivry- sur-Seine), he completed in 2019 a Master of Arts Degree (DNSEP) at the HEAR (Haute École des Arts du Rhin), in Mulhouse. He is studying since September 2019 in the Master of Transdisciplinary Studies at ZHdK (High University of the Arts) in Zürich.

Taking the position of a storyteller, he creates fictions through diverse media (performance, music, stage & costume design, video, writing, drawing); mythology, science-fiction or modern metal are some of the sources at the core of the ritualized forms and symbolic languages he manipulates.


He took part in several exhibitions, such as “Exhibition” (2017), “Followers” (2018) and “Oasis” (2019) in Mulhouse Kunsthalle, “Crossfade” (Espace Gantner, Mulhouse, 2017) or “Discipline” (Le Séchoir, Mulhouse, 2019), and worked with three other painters on a command by UGC Cinema, which is permanently exposed in Strasbourg since March 2017. Alone or with collaborators, he played diverse concerts and performances in Nantes, Mulhouse, Zürich and Lausanne. 


Emmanuel is performer, stage designer and one of the founding members of the performance trilogy “WAITING FOR AMON” gathering “GLITCH”, “CAIRNS” and “SHOUT” (collective SIBJA).

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